Project Update #30: Re: Sharin no Kuni Project by Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc

A note on fandisc content distribution and pledge upgrading

Posted by Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. (Creator)

Huge thanks again to everyone’s generous contributions, which have taken us to our second stretch goal and far beyond!

To make sure everyone is 100% clear on how the rewards will be distributed, here’s a breakdown:
The main game (on Steam, Vita, and physical PC) will contain the localized Sharin no Kuni as well as the Hozuki chapters from the fandisc. The remainder of the fandisc, funded by the stretch goal mentioned above, is mostly adult content, and therefore all contents will be included as part of the 18+ patch.

  • Backers who have contributed $20 or more will receive the 18+ patch for free, and be able to adjust their reward tier level on BackerKit (please note that adjusting to a lower level will not constitute a refund, it will only grant you extra funds for use on BackerKit).
  • Backers who have contributed less than $20 will not receive the 18+ patch for free, and will not be able to adjust their reward tier level on BackerKit.
  • If you are backing for the Vita version, you will receive the 18+ patch for free, in case you wish to purchase the PC version at some point down the road. Due to the adult nature of the content, the bonus fandisc chapters will not be able to be included in the Vita version.

We hope this answers most of your lingering questions, but please ask in the comments if you have any other concerns! Also don’t forget about our Kickstarter Live broadcast, starting at 11PM PT!

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