Project Update #34: Dizzy Hearts the Visual Novel: Voice Acting Project by Taosym

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Posted by TheeForsakenOne (Collaborator)

Greetings everyone,

Today, we would like to tell you about a new Kickstarter from our partner MangaGamer:

Click the image to check out the project

After 10 years of localizing and publishing visual novels, MangaGamer is now creating its own original visual novel, Koropokkur in Love ~ A Little Fairy’s Tale~, with Hinoue Itaru (Character Designer and Leader Illustrator of Kanon, CLANNAD, Rewrite, etc.) as the lead character designer and illustrator.

The heartwarming story is a tale of a young woman who, after venturing out of her isolated village, experiences love and a vast, brand-new world for the very first time. Amusing troubles await her as she struggles to maintain her human-sized form and adjust to the human world with the help of her magic powers and Satoru, a young maid cafe owner.

We hope you find this new Kickstarter interesting. Tomorrow, we plan to talk a little more about the music of Dizzy Hearts.

May the Goddess Mylbriia shine her light upon you!

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