Project Update #16: A Light in the Dark – VN by CreSpirit, Storia and Narrator by sekaiproject

Production Update

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Hello Everyone!

We’ve got a couple things to cover in this week’s update.

First up, work on the Epilogue is still in progress. There hasn’t been a lot of details on what the Epilogue will entail but as soon as we have some updates on this we’ll let everyone know.

Now then, onward to physical rewards. Printing is still in progress on everything though we should be getting an update fairly soon so stay tuned for that. In terms of the remaining items we have been waiting on, we’ve just received data for the tapestry design as well as the artbook. After a couple more checks, the digital artbook should be going out to backers sometime next week so keep an eye on your BackerKit accounts for that.

But for now, let’s check out the design for the tapestry!

Though we had only been able to see a rough of this earlier in the campaign, it’s wonderful to see how the final design turned out.

In addition, for the backers receiving commissioned artwork from NuDa or Canking, you should have already been contacted with picture previews of your commissions so please check your inboxes for that information.

We’ll update you again as projects progress. Just note that sometimes progression is slow and updates may or may not reflect that. After talking among the team, we’ve just come to a consensus that we’d rather put out a small update to make sure backers know that we’re still working on a project rather than none at all.

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