Project Update #17: A Light in the Dark – VN by CreSpirit, Storia and Narrator by sekaiproject

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The Art of A Light in the Dark Is Now Available!

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

A pleasant Monday, everyone!

We have another update to share with everyone. We’re pleased to announce that the artbook for A Light in the Dark is now available for backers and on Steam for everyone else. As usual, please check your BackerKit accounts for the digital key for the artbook. Much like the Prologue Manga, the artbook is available in English and Chinese.

Please keep in mind that the artbook does contain spoilers to the game so if you haven’t finished it yet, please resist the urge and finish the game before you flip through this very detailed artbook.

In celebration of this release, we’re having a sale on A Light in the Dark and Rabi-Ribi! For this week on Steam, everything Rabi-Ribi is 30% off while A Light in the Dark is 15% off. If you enjoyed these fine games from our friends at CreSpirit, definitely spread the word and let people know to not miss out on these fantastic savings.

Rabi-Ribi Sale
A Light in the Dark Sale

That’s it for this update. We’ll have another update soon once we hear back from the printers on the status of the physical rewards. Have a fantastic week! o/

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