Project Update #4: Peace of Evil – Visual Novel by Tamaya Kagiya

Update #4

Progress 9/16

Posted by Tamaya Kagiya (Creator)

Hey Everyone,

We’re still alive and Peace of Evil is being work on. Don’t worry about that! 

To answer your question of what we have been doing and why we haven’t even posted an update since Last March. The simple answer is that there wasn’t much to show at the time to make an update for you guys. Sorry about that.

We did make progress on the writing with the current word count being around 50,000 and will continue to grow. 

 My partner recently hired a new programmer to help programming. Hopefully we can provide screenshot of the game in the near future.

On the art front, the artist is still currently working on art assets. We have two of them to show to you which is down below.

Here are two NPC characters that we wanted to show. They are Aleida(Blonde) and Marceline(girl with glasses). We hope you like them.

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