Project Update #36: My Girlfriend – Adult Visual Novel by Dharker Studios Ltd

Beta Version 01

Posted by Dharker Studios Ltd (Creator)

Greetings all,

Sorry for the lack of updates, for those who are unaware I recently took over 99% of daily operations of the company myself and downsized the team i work with to essentially ensure the future of the company Dharker Studios Ltd. Unfortunately we overextended ourselves with the creation of the Harem Wars Card Game and had to reduce certain things to account for that. Fortunately that project is close to completion as we are now shipping all of those rewards over the next few weeks.

But this downsize does mean that I am effectively doing ‘everything’ well not everything, but a lot, and so I wanted to wait to post an update until I could give you more specific news on the development of the game. 

Beta Version 01

I expect to release in the coming weeks, hopefully very soon, the first version of the beta, this will see the game fully written with all missing scenes added and edited, it will see all character artwork added and placeholder images added to the game where the cg illustrations will be going. Music will also be added to the game and the game will be fully playable, albeit without main game illustrations yet implemented.

The artist has begun work on those illustrations and once the first version of the beta is released we will periodically update it as new illustrations are complete, as well as resolving any reported remaining issues to do with grammar and bugs within the game that we have missed during the alpha stage of development. 

Another update will be posted when the Beta goes live on steam for you all to play test. By which time I also hope to have for you some of the first illustrated scenes for you to enjoy. 

More details of all of this will be coming soon.

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