Project Update #19: VenusBlood FRONTIER English Localization Project by Ninetail

Special Column feat. Ninetail’s Director and VBF’s Scenario Writer!

Posted by Ninetail (Creator)

 *Japanese Translation Below (日本語訳は下の方にあります)

Greetings, everyone! So we got a neat little update for you guys today…

To celebrate having reached 100% funding for this project, Ninetail’s director Keimaru and one of VBF’s writers, Akumakko (Hisami Tomokazu) will introduce VenusBlood FRONTIER’s characters and discuss their appeal as well as what makes each and every character unique!

You can check it out by clicking here!

VBF Music Creators Introduction

Today, we would like to introduce to you the ones responsible for making the amazing music included in the game!  

Introducing SOLFA, who was in charge of the BGM and theme song of VenusBlood FRONTIER!  

They are a music creation team that have been making music for us since VenusBlood ABYSS!



Youtube Channel

They have many composers and vocalists that breathe life into many different aspects of various works!  

In the VenusBlood series, they’ve made a variety of music to fit the battles and stages, orchestral pieces and melancholy tunes…The music they produce is, in fact, a big part of the overall appeal of our games. We believe that the music fits perfectly with the situations portrayed in VenusBlood’s stories and really enhances the player experience!

You can listen to some of these lovely tracks on their youtube channel, so be sure to check them out!

■Opening: Key of Destiny(English.ver)  


Composition: Ibuki Yukihiro(solfa)  

Arrangement: Ibuki Yukihiro(solfa)  

Song: solfa feat. Koike Joanna  

■Opening: Key of Destiny(Japanese.ver)  

Lyrics: Yuuki  

Composition: Ibuki Yukihiro(solfa)  

Arrangement: Ibuki Yukihiro(solfa)  

Song: solfa feat.Yuuki  

■Ending: blank page  

Composition: Amagasaki Urara  

Arrangement: iyuna  

Song: solfa feat.iyuna


Next, we would like to introduce the person who sang the English OP for VenusBlood FRONTIER, Koike Joanna!



Youtube Channel

Koike Joanna is a trilingual singer who is fluent in English, Japanese and Tagalog (Phillipines).  

Although singing is her main vocation, she is also an artist who does songwriting, translation, movie editing and production.  

We were lucky enough to have had a chance to meet her, and thanks to SOLFA’s cooperation, she agreed to sing the English OP of VBF for us!  

Thanks to her lovely song, the English localisation team over at Ninetail were suddenly filled to the brim with energy and drive to make this project a success!  

Koike Joanna does a ton of work for anime and games, so definitely make sure to check out her Youtube channel!


And finally, we would like to introduce someone who has been a great help to us when it comes to the VenusBlood series, Ms. Nao.



She’s sung the various opening songs for VenusBlood GAIA and onwards, and has just about become the staple of the VenusBlood series at this point!  

Her songs have always shown off the appeal of the various VenusBlood game, and in regards to this project, she will sing an alternate version of the VBF Opening should we reach the first stretch goal!  

Ms. Nao is also a fellow lover of the VenusBlood series, specifically their world settings and as a game.  

All we have to do is make it past that first stretch goal, and we’ll be able to hear an alternate version of “The Key of Destiny” sung by Ms. Nao as well as have it be added to the game’s soundtrack!

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皆さんこんにちは! 今日もまた素敵なアップデート情報をお届けします!

VenusBlood:FRONTIER英訳企画 支援額100%突破の記念として、開発者コラムを公開いたします!




今回は、VenusBlood FRONTIER を音楽の面から盛り上げて下さっている皆さんを紹介したいと思います!  

VenusBlood FRONTIER のBGMと主題歌を担当しているのは、SOLFAさん! VenusBloodシリーズでは、VenusBlood ABYSS から常連となっている、音楽制作チームです!




多数の作曲家とボーカリストが参加し、色々な作品の世界観を見事に表現しています! VenusBloodシリーズでは、バトルあり、ステージBGMあり、オーケストラあり、泣かせる曲ありと、 多岐にわたって大活躍していただいています!  



■VBF OPテーマ:運命の鍵  



歌唱:solfa feat.悠季  

■VBF EDテーマ:blank page  



歌唱:solfa feat.iyuna







歌手活動を中心に、作詞作曲、翻訳、動画編集にプロデュース業など、様々な活動を 精力的に行っているアーティストさんです。 

今回、VBF英訳プロジェクトを発足するにあたり、ご縁がありまして、 SOLFAさんと協力してVenusBlood FRONTIER の英語版主題歌を製作して頂きました! 英語で華麗に歌い上げられる主題歌を聴いて、よし頑張るぞ! とナインテイルの 英語版チームも気合が入ったものでした。

小池ジョアンナさんは、アニメやゲームなど、幅広く活動されているので、 もしよろしかったら、Youtubeチャンネルで、活動内容の一端に触れてみて下さい!





VenusBlood GAIA以降で、主題歌をずっと担当して頂いているおなじみの歌手さんです。  


今回、ストレッチゴールの最初のひとつでは、なんと、VenusBlood FRONTIER OP主題歌の日本語版をカバーして頂く予定です!  



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