Project Update #20: VenusBlood FRONTIER English Localization Project by Ninetail

Stretch Goal #1 Achieved + Untold Tales Money Pool Update!

Posted by Ninetail (Creator)

 *Japanese Translation Below (日本語訳は下の方にあります)

Hello, folks! Some really exciting news for you guys today! What is it, you ask? Well…We’ve just achieved our first Stretch Goal, “The Song of the Battlefield”!

Now then, let us explain what this ‘Song’ brings to you folks!  

1) Personal Episode for a Heroine*  

It’s exactly what it says, there will be an extra scene added for one of the heroines! This scene will be a H-scene, and thus can only be accessed via the uncensor patch.  

*These new personal episodes will be decided based on the results of the backer-only popularity poll (Click Here to Vote Now!). HOWEVER, please keep in mind that we at Ninetail will check the results and make our final decision. This means that a character getting 1st, 2nd or 3rd DOES NOT GUARANTEE that the winner is the character who will be featured. (If you wish to re-vote, just send us a message with your id and backer number after re-voting and we will delete your previous vote)

*The content will be similar to what comes with the Untold Tales of Yggdrasil tier except without the new commander unit and standing portrait.  

2) English ED Theme A new English version of the ED sung by Koike Joanna!  

3) Opening Song by nao (another version) added to the game’s soundtrack  

An alternate Japanese version of the VBF OP (Key of Destiny) sung by Ms. nao added as a bonus track to both the game and OST CD!  

4) 6 New BGM tracks (by SOLFA) added to the game and OST CD as bonus tracks!  

5) Re-translation of UI and Parts featured in the SRPG Trial by Arunaru!  

Just to clarify, by parts we mean ALL parts, so what that means is that the entire game will be re-translated by Arunaru!  

Certainly great news. Let us keep this pace up as he head towards the second Stretch Goal!  

Untold Tales Money Pool Past 100%!  

And we have even more great news! The Untold Tales of Yggdrasil Money Pool has exceeded 100%, and we are currently at 103%!  

Just a friendly reminder that only those who backed the money pool tiers (Odin’s Believer, Heroic Spirit of Valhalla, Demonic Hero and Demon Emperor’s Succession Candidate) will have the ability to vote in the poll for who will get featured!* Not to mention, only those backers will be able to make suggestions for what kind of scene they would like to see in this new scene! (Please read the FAQ for more details)

*The votes are weighed in favour of those who pledged to the higher tiers

Regret Breast Pillow Update!  

Hmm…Is it just me or do the colour of her breasts look very different to the rest of her body…?

Heh, jokes aside, the cover is currently being…developed, and this is what it looks like partway through the development process, where they’re testing out the silicon bits. 

*Please keep in mind this product is still under development and this picture does not represent the final product.


皆さん、こんにちは! 今日も素敵なアップデート情報をお届けします! 

どんな情報ですかって? それはですね……ずばり最初のストレッチゴール達成のお知らせです! 






*新規個人エピソード追加は、全バッカー対象の人気投票の順位に応じて、  ninetailが追加するキャラを検討し、シナリオの内容を決定します。 











世界樹の吟遊詩人資金プールですが、100%を超えました! 今は113%です!


この資金プールは、特定のプレッジを選択したときにのみ、参加権利がついてくるとともに、 一定量の資金プールを投入します。 

(オーディンの信徒、ヴァルハラの戦士、魔界の英傑、魔王の後継者候補 の4つ)


参加権利を有している支援者は、この追加エピソードを誰にするのか決めるキャラクター投票に 参加できる上に、シチュエーションの提案もできます。 









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