* IMPORTANT! * Failed cards and incomplete surveys

Posted by Michael Emerson (Creator)
Just a quick one guys: I notice that 14 of you have yet to fill in the survey and there are also a couple of errorred cards still yet to be corrected. It seems that one of the errored cards includes a pledge upgrade – this will need to be corrected in order to qualify so please take some time to check what happened. This is the important part!! BackerKit will close from the 22nd December for the Christmas period so backer who have yet to fill in the survey MUST fill it in BEFORE that date or you will not be able to claim a keyring at the special price and you will NOT qualify for a trading card. The card designs will be sent to the factory very soon and I am only having enough done to cover those who have filled in the survey and paid their postage. While it’s still possible to fill the survey in after the closure dates (from 2nd Janurary) like I say additional rewards only available through BackerKit will no longer be available. The survey literally takes a couple of minutes to complete, so please take the time to fill it in – after all, I would not want people to miss out on the extra rewards after you have already pledged to the game. Remember – 22nd of December is the final date for claiming rewards.

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