Final Survey reminder

Posted by Michael Emerson (Creator)

Hey guys
Hope you all had a good New Year.
So there are still 11 people who have yet to fill out their surveys to completion, and I’ve sent a reminder once again. If these surveys are NOT filled out by the end of next week, you WON’T get your name in the credits because I am currently working on the GUI side of things including all the credits. Once that is done I will be getting ready to slot the CGs in, program the gallery, tweak the dialogue and finally sync the voice files. Several reminders have gone out (including my updates), so people have had ample time to fill these two-minute surveys out. Please don’t miss out on your chance to get the rewards you already pledged for!

That’s pretty much it for now. I periodically get emails from Backer Kit to let me know who has filled in the survey, so I’ll be looking out for those remaining few. It literally takes 2 minutes – and it guarantees your rewards, so don’t delay!

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