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Posted by Dharker Studios Ltd (Creator)

Hi all, time for another update on the game.

Beta Update 0.7

Around the 12th January I will be posting the next version of My Girlfriend’s beta, originally I was going to release it this weekend, but the implementation of the Protagonist sprite into the game has caused a couple of minor issues that I want to resolve completely before updating again.

Fortunately it will give us more time to include the art pieces that are currently in the works for inclusion in the game too. More of which is below.

Latest Art Pieces

Also I have some more art pieces from the game to showcase as work didn’t grind to a complete halt over the holiday period.

New Artist

In addition to the above, one of our other artists is also now working on this same style and so hopefully if all works out this will mean some extra scenes will be possible for this and future games because of having another artist working in the same style.

So far we are very happy with the progress so he is working on two scenes for this game, the above scene for Celia’s ending and another scene featuring Luna playing in a fountain that we will be including in the game too.

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