Project Update #16: Our Mountain: A dramatic fantasy visual novel by Neeka of Ostrich Burger Productions

Main Menu + Save/Load Graphics

Posted by Neeka of Ostrich Burger Productions (Creator)

Hello everyone! Just a small update here. The GUI is fully functional, and more than half of the CGs are done! 🙂

There’s been a small issue with the character animations, but with a little elbow grease they’ll be ready in no time. 

If you weren’t aware, the site/engine that I use to create the game was recently revamped which is a huge deal. In this year there are many more implements coming to the engine, which means I can create more diverse games for you to enjoy. If you’re interested, you can check it out here: 

Now for the proof behind the update~

Main Menu by DAX. The character’s eyes open when you hover over the buttons.

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