Project Update #49: My Girlfriend – Adult Visual Novel by Dharker Studios Ltd

Beta 0.7 Live + Trailer

Posted by Dharker Studios Ltd (Creator)

Greetings all,

Today we are happy to reveal the newest trailer for My Girlfriend, complete with the main menu theme song for the game.

This trailer is on Youtube on our channel:

As well as live on the Steam store page too:

Beta 0.7 Live

In addition I am happy to say that version 0.7 of the Beta is going live today, I have squished the basic bugs that came with adding the protagonist sprite to the game and have updated it, it should be ready for you all to test out. As usual if you see any bugs, please post them in the comments here, on the main campaign, on the Steam hub or send me a private message, all are gratefully received. In line with that the new version also includes a couple of new images featuring Sophie from the Negligee games.

P.s. whilst I have implemented the protagonist sprite in a functioning way, I have not yet completed testing, so whilst he appears he will often have the incorrect expression and outfit, but those will be added gradually. So if you see something which looks wrong, please feel free to post about it and let me know so I can resolve it straight away ready for the next update soon.

Game Release

I have decided to hold off release of the game until March 2019 now. I know I keep delaying its release and I am sorry, but there is reason for it as I want to make sure the game is as close to perfect before release, if not totally perfect, also there are a number of games releasing in February including several that we are publishing such as the Love Stories Non-Adult Edition and Hopefully the Animated Remake of Negligee as well. As such we don’t want to see My Girlfriend get lost in the shuffle of game releases. Also this gives us more time to implement a few more illustrations prior to release.

Physical Rewards

Last but not least as soon as the main art is finished we will be working on manufacturing the physical rewards, hopefully so they can be shipped in March around a similar time to the games actual release. More details on that will come soon.

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