We’re fully funded! + Stretch goals announcement.

Posted by Push Publication (Creator)

Dear Backers & Fans,

Thank you very much for your overwhelming support. Our project has been successfully funded in as little as 10 days after launch. This was an amazing feat for us and it would not have happened without you guys. We are grateful to every one of you for making it happen.

But, It’s not over yet, we still have over 20 days to go, so this means we have plenty of time to reach our current stretch goals. We need your help reaching them too! Here is a list of our current stretch goals:

We have two additional stretch goal which you can find in the main Kickstarter page. (Please read till the end for a secret reveal!)

For those who have not backed yet and want to know what the story is about, please download the demo from the project page and play it! You won’t be disappointed! 

As we are now funded, PUSH! Team has started working on the full game immediately to meet the release date in time for the release! We’ll keep you guys updated throughout our development process through Kickstarter and our social media.

Again, We’d like to thank you all for your continuous love & support for this project. 


PUSH! Team.


...Maybe this will convince you to up your pledge?
…Maybe this will convince you to up your pledge?

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