Caffeine: Victoria’s Legacy Demo v3.0 Released

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On a flight across the Pacific, Taka Knight finds himself in the company of a mysterious stranger. After drinking a bottle of cold brew coffee from said stranger, Taka soon finds himself in the city of Victoria, staring at a coffee house bearing his name with a nagging sense of familiarity. He soon finds that Victoria is a seemingly alternate steampunk reality in which modern technology does not exist.

Taka’s journey thus begins on finding the truth behind his parents’ disappearance. But before doing so, he must learn to perform caffeine, the magical power that every barista and cupper in Victoria possesses.

Firstly, he must learn how to …… brew coffee.

Caffeine: Victoria’s Legacy is a choice-rich, fantasy adventure visual novel set in a steampunk Victorian reality. Join Taka in rediscovering his roots and his quest for his family’s secrets, in a city where baristas are knights and coffee is king.

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