Shades of Elysium is an Anthro Adult RPG romance game, starting in an alternate modern world where the player meets interesting characters with fetishes and backstories we can relate to. 

To name a few examples, a mysterious biker with a dark past that would come back to haunt him, a quirky wealthy young girl who lives alone in an inn with the fetish of voyeurism, a troubled scientist with his quest in forbidden science. All these characters in-game, you as a player can have influence over their story arch and decisions. 

As the player progresses they may find themselves portals to other worlds and dimensions, where fantasy and stranger things exist, where new rules and physics are bound, with expandable universe also means limitless crafting recipes and creatures that roaming the lands. It is an ambitious journey, and it all starts with a cozy night slumber disturbed by a creature in despair.

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