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Steam Release Date: 13 Apr 2018
Publisher: Snaggletooth Studios
DEVELOPER: Team Amorous
Platforms Available:  Steam (English)

Before we Begin, then I want to say I have re-edit this Review, so it looks a lot better and gives a better oversight of what I like and don’t like. And i also wanna say that I have been following the Amorous game since the beginning. And I love how it is. This Review here is base on the 1.0.3 Version of the game.

Storyline ★★★

The Storyline is straightforward. You are a single fur that just lost your job and now living at home with your adopted family where you share your room with your ♥♥♥♥ of a brother. Your brother wants you to start dating again so he takes you to this night club he typically goes too to get laid so you can find someone to date. There you have 9 fully datable characters to date.

Design ★★★
I have to say this design looks like something you could have done in a flash, but I guess those days are gone when flash games were a hit. This design is not WOW, but it’s not bad, either. Its beautiful art just is done uniquely.

Mechanics ★★★
The Mechanic is standard for a Visual Novel game, and I like they even put some mini-games in there to give the characters a little more life to them. There nothing really much to say about the mechanics. If you have played one VNG, then you have played them all. They all work the same way.
The only real problem I have is that it doesn’t really matter what you chose. It doesn’t really change the Storyline only the chance to date them and that kind of sad. Also, what I feel like missing is the cross meeting with the other character that could have been nice. Even when you have multi-options, then you really don’t. They just make you feel like you have. Like if you choose not to kiss the guy but then 4 text bar later it says you did even when you didn’t I mean come on. There is some stuff like that I would like to see change.

Music and Voice Acting ★
I’m not really a fan of BGM, so I always turn it off the same with this it more or less just a lot of short repeated sounds nothing really wow about it.

System ★★★★
The game its self works there, nothing big to it. The only real downer is that they use much of the supporter’s money on or whatever they use it on. There some rumors were going around that I don’t want to put in here, but let us just say people were not happy.

Conclusion ★★★★
My overall Conclusion is this game is a good game when you think about it is free, but I can’t stop to judge the game for all it has to go through to get here. The game was thrown on the steam and finish in a hurry to get a working game. After all, the problem that was going on around the game But least we got a game. But even so personally i really love the game I’II didn’t put that much money into supporting the game, but I did put a little into it, and I’m happy with how it turned out even if it could be better. But I guess they have abanded the game, for now, anyway I would happily give this game 4 out of 5 stars.

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