Driftwood The Visual Novel

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Steam Release Date: 2016
Kickstarter 17. apr. 2013
Publisher: Wakagana
Platforms Available: PC Steam (English)

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Before I Begin this review, I have to say this is my first time really doing this. So please comments on what you think and if you like it. PS My English is my second language so I’m sorry for grammar and Spelling errors, and your welcome to help me fix them.
Driftwood, is the first Visual Novel game release from Wakagana. it’s a Kickstarter game.
From my first impressions, I didn’t know much about this game prior to playing it. The only aspects that caught my eye was the artwork and it was a Visual Novel dating game that was free.
I didn’t find this before after the Release on steam I would have loved to Kickstart this game but as I understood it took them 4 years and 8000 Dollars to make the game to what it is today.

Storyline ★★★★
The story starts with Marcus Feick. Who is living in Boston, Massachusetts. He kind of has the hots for this girl he been friends with since childhood, after asking the girl of his dreams (Childhood Friend) out on a date, he finds himself caught in a catastrophic event that leaves him physically and emotionally wounded. Because of the incident, as well as complications with his newly formed relationship, his overprotective parents decide to transfer him to a boarding school south of Boston and nearly a hundred miles away on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. So, with the feelings of bitter memories, broken promises and the betrayal from his Date and the decisions by his parents he moves to live with his Uncle Xavier where he is going to start on a boarding school on Martha’s Vineyard. Marcus is introduced to a variety of cultures and personalities. The story and game focus primarily on five main female characters that can affect Marcus’s life positively or negatively based on the player’s choices.
Each character is designed to teach Marcus a profound life lesson, helping him better understand the world and the complicated process of becoming an adult.

Character Development ★★★
I have only Played Ellen’s Timeline so I can’t relate to anything but that. I feel like the Character has a good storyline, and I feel like I’m really interacting with them. They feel alive, and I’m not feeling like I’m just reading a book. I get the feeling about who they are and where they are coming from. I also like that you keep talking with all of them and they all have an impact on the story, all the way through the game even if you chose just to date one.

Design ★★
I have to say I’m really disappointed about the Design. It’s like they ran out of money and time. After 4 years of development, you would think that the art was good but no. Some of it is good, and the short Video clip in the game is good too, but way too many of the art is terrible like it been cut out from a white page and used instead of the Design it should have. My guess it’s they made the error of kickstarting it with too little money. 8000 Dollars is nothing! I think that is the lowest amount of cash I have seen a VNG ask for and it shows.

Music and Voice Acting ★★★
This game has no Voice Acting which is not needed in a VNG but can be nice if you too lazy to read or just want not to read out loud as I do. I have to say the Music didn’t bother me, in fact, it blended in the background I didn’t even think about it while playing.

System ★★★★
I like How all the Character are interacting with each other, and the text line fit perfectly with each other without ending up doing something you said no too or didn’t do which I have seen in some VNG which some of them got a fix later.

First off, this game is free so for a free game, this is a lot more than most VNG gives. I even saw paid games to be worst then this but then you have to think about that people have spent 8000 Dollars on this game and it took them 4 years to make it. So, if you take all that in, then I have to say that this game doesn’t get more then 2.5/5. I will still recommend this game since its free and it have a good storyline.

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