Furry (Close Game Steam)

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Steam Release Date: 2018
Publisher: Fan made
Platforms Available: PC Steam (English) (Store Closes)

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When I Begin to Review games via My Group (https://steamcommunity.com/groups/DanishFurryGameFan) I got This game to test for free. I never say no to a free game no matter how bad it is. But I feel like this game was more made as a joke than anything ells but, either way, I will try to make this “Review” as sincere as I can.

PS. Like always My English is my second language so I’m sorry for grammar and Spelling errors, and your welcome to help me fix them.

It’s been a long time since I last played a game as broken as this. This game is not even close to being done I wouldn’t call it an alpha is just way too broken.

Before Wii begin, I’m glad to see more furry games come to steam since I’m a furry myself and love playing furry games.

Storyline ★
There is no Story to this game you just start in a city all alone beside some kind of alien robot trying to kill you.

Design ★
You can roll through walls many places and all background texture look good from far away, but as soon you get close then it seems like a 480P texture been stretch to fill a 4K model. The menu at first glance looks okay but still could need a lot of work. I don’t see the need to have bikini outfit it only going to give the wrong idea about the game.

Mechanics ★
They Fight mechanics is so bad, slow and clunky that you can’t stop mid in an attack and roll with q. You have to hold the arrow key down the way you want to roll which make its way too hard to use when it’s so slow to react. And I have a hard time killing them, and if I end of fighting them in a house, then I’m 100% dead. And the bot is stupid I had one bot beat another bot, and in a split sec, it was like it thought the other bot was the enemy. If you fall from a high place, you don’t take dmg no matter how high you fall from. You can walk outside the map even without trying I mean come on how hard it is to make an invisible wall around the map you can’t get past.

Music and Voice Acting ★
There is no VA in this game, and the music is shit.

System ★
The name of the game is just weird why called it furry it boring and unoriginal.
The Training is boring and only goes over what you can find out yourself and don’t goes over everything.

I’m not really sure what to say about this game other than its really shit and waste of time. This game is why I really want to have more game quality control on steam I don’t care if I have to pay 2%+ more pr. Game to steam if games like this don’t get on steam.
I don’t even feel like rating this game since it’s the worst game I know of in my library, and I have 1300+ games, and many of them are shit.

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