Playing For Keeps (Alpha World, #4)

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Book By Daniel Schinhofen
Published 2018

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Fuck it been a long time since a book took me on an Emotional roller coaster like that from horny to pain, From pain to hate and back to horny.

I have a couple of problems 1. I’m good at fantasizing and see Things in front of me, so that makes it easier for me to connect to stories like this. also I have much knowledge about what Fluffball is going through which just make it so much harder for me. When I see what Fluffball was going through on the second last memory, I feel just like Alburet did, and if I was there, I might have done the same. My stomach hurt, and I had to try to control my self all the way through, and this was via an Audiobook if I was there I don’t know if I could sit through it knowing what I do now.

Its been way too long since I feel like this. Last time was when I read a fanfiction made a long time ago which I can’t remember what was called, but there was my Emotional all over the place also.

I love this book it even better then the second book also if this book is more about Fluffball and (Carrin?). I’m still not sure about what to think about Alburet background you doing a good job trying to keep it a mystery even though I’m pretty sure of what happen but only time will tell if I’m right.

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